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I'm gong to stop putting my stuff at renderosity. Seems to me, that unless it is a rendered model from Poser, with everything which is anything, hanging free or blowing in the wind,(s0 to speak) no comments are made. I mainly post my stuff there for helpful criticism. So - as I am having no comments at all - or rarely, anyway, I can only summise that either A) my images are so bad folks would be too embarrassed to tell me, or B) there is not a bare boob or bum in sight so are unworthy of comment. Course - it could just be that they are soooooooooo flaming wonderful, folks just don't know what to say, being awestruck and all.....*laughs loudly and falls off chair* Anyway - whatever.
I have been searching for a piece of music forever. It is from a movie called White Palace. So if anyone out there knows where I can download it - Yell please. Loudly. ;-)
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