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I could quite easily have stayed in bed today. I am shattered. Too many late nights - or should is say, early mornings. Then what do I find when I log into my journal? A message from someone being negative (very), about my mountain image! Bloody cheek. Not only that, he (if that is what the species was), pretended to be someone I know!! Course it could not have really been the person I know, 'cos he would never have been as nasty as that. Especially in MY journal. I have thus deleted the comment and wish the real TFM would stand up!!! *sipping tea and contemplating navel* ('cos I cannot think of anything better to do). *laughs* Oh yes....PeacefulChaos told me to tell you that he has a new G-pen but he can't do a thing with it. *laughs*. Actually, he said ******* thing with it....but I shan't write that. *evil grin*
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