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Okay...first bit to Adahy. For gawd's sake girl!!!! Go for it!! So you have to spend that 'special' money. So what? Sometimes, you have to give some to take some. GO FOR IT!! You can't pass up such a great opportunity. Besides, if you did, I would be cross. And you know what I'm like when I'm cross huh? hehehe One teenyweeny proviso - when you've finished taking the first pics for new boss type person, take some more of your mountains. Okay? Goody. Now go get yaself an amazing camera. ^*_*^
Back to today...nah.....bit more about yesterday and boggy bit of Copse. So there I was, needing to cross a boggy bit. Now then - most boggy bits of Copses' are at the bottom of the mountains. Makes sense huh, being as rain runs downwards. ^_~ Anyway, I thought to myself, 'I can jump this'. Duh!! I jumped it alright, missing the harder ground by half a metre, and losing my shoe in the process! It took an age to retrieve it from the bog, which was sucking it as I pulled (I was also laughing so hard at the time I had a job to keep hold of it), then just as I managed to get it, my dog ran past, tail wagging, covered in boggy bits and splashing me from head to foot! So not only was my foot black and peaty, but the rest of me was as well. I just thought of the 'Creature from the Black Lagoon', sat on an outcrop and dried off. Hey ho... all makes for an interesting day. *_*
Today I am back to forest. Less effort 'cos I'm here already. ^_~
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