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attacked by murderous mole!
Okay...there I was, having a break from throwing the ball into the sea for Mitzi, sitting on an outcrop of rock (slate, actually. The cove I went to has cliffs made entirely of slate), letting my mind wander (as ya do), when suddenly, I was covered with dirt! From whence it came - I hear you not ask (but I'll tell you anyway). A mole!! When I looked up, there was this black nose and very large claws pushing out from the soil atop the cliff! After a couple of minutes, he decided a cliffs' edge was not a good place to be, and he disappeared. I sat down again. Safe...I thought. Not so. A few minutes later, he did it again!! It must be a damned large tunnel complex he is building. *laughs* All I can hope is he is a good swimmer. When the tide is in, the ocean laps around the bottom of the cliff. Adahy posted a couple of pics for me! ^_^ I can see there will be no stopping her now! *laughs* I love seeing pics of where she lives. The mountains there are phenomenal! I've got a 'thing' about mountains. You might have noticed.... ^_~
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