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I got a mail today. I mention this, 'cos Adahy and my sis in USA are usually the only ones I receive mail from. All the rest are ads....:-(
Back to mail. This completely stupid person told me I should give up writing and get myself a proper job! *laughs uncontrollably*. What? He thinks I write FanFic for a living? He called one of my fanfics 'pornographic'. *laughs* Whattttttttt????? I am assuming here he read the love scene between two characters in my EFC fanfic. Where has he been for gawd's sake? I wrote that ages ago. Besides - the scene I believe he is on about is bloody wonderful!!!!!! And tasteful. And not in the least pornographic! What I find very odd is the fact that he obviously read enough of it to have commented in the first place.....Hmm. *note to self - rewrite scene and 'hot' it up a bit...* ^_~
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