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Having a few days in the sun (it actually ceased raining for an entire week!!!), has been wonderful. When sun shines, journal stays empty. *laughs* Besides which, I have been finishing off a couple of images, one a simple painting done entirely in PSP. Not much has happened in the few days I have missed writing here. The clocks went forward 1 hour. That was exciting. (stupid actually, if you ask me...), emmets have converged on the county (emmets - vacationers...those who leave their brains in the wardrobe when they pack their clothes - leastways, the ones who visit here do!), and a very large rook has decided this cottage is a good place to visit. I mention this only because although rooks are plentiful here, they rarely visit gardens. I feel chuffed!! Other than that, it has been a week of horses, dogs and miles of walking. My feet ache! *laughs* Oh yes...according to the PM of this fair land, I am in mourning for a 101 year old woman who died a couple of days ago. Sowwy PM....but I mourn for those I care for, not for those I do not. So - just for the record - I mourn for my wonderful brother-in-law who died recently. I mourn for those who died on 9/11. I do not mourn for some woman who's only contribution to life, was wearing a tiara at breakfast. :-)
Just in case anyone out there wants to see my latest images, here be the url:
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